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    Imagine RIT 2012 Empty Imagine RIT 2012

    Post  JamesM on Fri Jan 27, 2012 12:45 am

    This thread will contain all of the pertinent information regarding Imagine RIT 2012. Everything will be stated in this thread. This will avoid me spamming you all with emails. That being said, it is your responsibility to check on this thread regularly for updates. If you are unfamiliar with what Imagine RIT is, check out the main website. The dates listed below refer to the last time that section was updated.

    Current Project list - 1/26/12
    • Solar cell car racing
    • Posters
    • Interactive plasma
    • Multiple plasma gasses
    • Tabletop plasma chamber
    • Micro-plasma
    • µE movie
    • Laser scribe
    • Microscope setup

    Primary Projects - 1/26/12
    • Tabletop plasma chamber
    • Micro-plasma

    Project descriptions - 1/26/12
    Solar cell car racing - Solar cars that we made last year will be raced down a wooden race track of about 30'. A kit was used to build the cars and can be found here. A slight modification was made to the cars so that they would be able to be raced indoors, a battery pack was added. The cars have a batt_on/off/solar_on three position switch.
    Posters - Multiple posters should be made explaining what µE is, i.e. basic concepts like Moore's law and what a transistor is.
    Interactive plasma - Dr. Fuller has a small plasma globe that he is willing to give to us. It needs to be spiffed up.
    Multiple plasma gasses - Dr. Pearson has a setup that allows for a small glass tube, filled with a gas (he has multiple tubes with different gases), to demonstrate plasmas.
    Tabletop plasma chamber - This will be our primary focus for Imagine RIT 2012. We will build a plasma chamber resembling the setup used in the evaporators in the fab. Check out this video to get a rough idea.
    Micro-plasma - This will be our secondary focus. The goal is to create a plasma on a wafer. A very simple explanation is the following: Si wafer, grow oxide thick enough to be a good insulator, deposit metal, do metal litho, do metal etch, strip resit. The goal would be to get the two metal contacts/electrodes close enough to each other so that a small bias (~5V) could create a plasma. If the two metal contacts are close enough, it may be possible to achieve this at atmospheric pressure. Dr. Mariotti worked on a similar project to this one and had and actual vacuum chamber, with fancy pressure gauges and valves. Depending on what we are able to do, we may want to do something similar. A good place to start would be to dig up his publication(s). Unfortunately, he no longer works at RIT so we can't just stop by his office...
    µE movie - This is just a simple movie that we always run in the background that shows the processing world from sand to IC.
    Laser scribe - This is a project that Brian Silkey is in charge of. If you are interested in it, contact him. MESA will not directly be working on this project. His basic plan is to lasers out of DVD burners and use them to scribe plastic.
    Microscope setup - A portable microscope will be setup to show people completed devices at the "micro" level.

    Tabletop plasma current status - 1/26/12
    The concept behind this project is fairly simple. The most challenging aspects will be making sure the system is "leak-free".

    Scott is willing to let us borrow a rough pump and a power supply. He is also going to give us a slab of aluminum to be used for the construction of a base plate. There is also a very good probability that he will be able to give us the feed-thrus, pipes, and pressure gauge. Worst case scenario, the parts will be on loan and we will have to disassemble it after Imagine. Hopefully the only parts we will need to return will be the rough pump and power supply, as those could be made to be "plug-and-play".

    I found this chamber online and it should be just right for our needs. Upon Scott's approval I will purchase the chamber. The plan for our next meeting would be to "assemble" our base-plate. This involves, cutting the metal to size, drilling out the holes for the feed-thrus, and tapping them. It is important that we are able to screw our pipes into the plate, as it will allow for the best possible seal. If anyone is good with solid works, it would be a very good idea to dimension the part before we start cutting and drilling.

    We will then need to work on a good seal as well as an enclosure for the chamber. The enclosure should clamp down the system, so that it is not easily removable. The reason for the enclosure is to protect ourselves in the event that our chamber implodes. This is a highly unlikely scenario; however, if our pressure becomes low enough, it could happen.

    This should be enough information at the moment to wet everyone's appetite. I will add more content to this thread over the weekend (hopefully pictures too!) so keep a watch on it.

    Tabletop plasma update - 2/3/12
    The chamber was purchased and has already arrived. At the meeting on 1/31/12 the base plate was laid out in solid works. The piece was cut to form a 8"x8" square. 4 holes were drilled for the base plate to stage mount points.

    3 more holes need to be drilled, 2 holes will be 5/16" (need to double check that) and will be used for the base plate, the other will be a 3/4" NPT used for the pump in. The 3/4" hole will need to be threaded according to the NPT specifications.

    On 2/2/12 the other various parts were ordered. Plywood was purchased and cut to size to be used for the stage. Plexi glass was cut to be used as the shield.

    On 2/3/12 a silicone sheet was purchased to be used for the seal/gasket.

    More details to come. Hopefully pictures too...

    General Information
    Meetings will take place every Tuesday starting at 6PM in the computer engineering senior design space (4th floor building 9). The meetings will last no later than 9PM; however, depending on what we are working on we may end early. There will be Pizza at every meeting. The pizza will not be free, but it will be extremely discounted! The cost will be approximately $2 / 4 slices of sheet pizza. Drinks are included in this cost. I will come up with a method to get a headcount before every meeting. To be guaranteed pizza you must respond. As a courtesy thing, if you are unable to show up, but previously stated you would, please let me know asap. Depending on what we are doing at the meeting it might be a good idea to bring a laptop computer. I'll post in this thread what the current plans are.

    When we start work on the micro-plasma setup, to participate you will be REQUIRED to have a valid safety badge. As I will most likely be the "supervisor" of this project, I am personally responsible for your actions, so no badge = no touching. We will obviously be working in the fab for this project, and as such will be limited on the times that we will be able to work (8am - 5pm). In the future we will come up with a meeting time. Before we start, we will have to develop the process.

    During a given meeting we may split up into groups to accomplish different tasks. Everyone will be guaranteed to work with what project they wish too; however, we may have to create some sort of alternating schedule.

    In less than a month I will have to submit our application for Imagine RIT, so before then we need to make sure that we know exactly what we are going to do. I will also need an accurate list of every person who will help out at Imagine. Each worker will get a free T-Shirt as well as a meal voucher.

    Now I have overloaded you all with information, it's time for you to respond with helpful comments, ideas, and suggestions, so get to it! Cool

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    Imagine RIT 2012 Empty Re: Imagine RIT 2012

    Post  Dstreet on Fri Jan 27, 2012 12:52 am

    It all looks great! Remember guys, FREE LUNCH! (and dinner if you decide to crash the IEEE banquet)
    The more people that help out, the more fun it'll be and the easier it will be to work.

    ImagineRIT is always fun and even though it's hard to explain what you do to kids and their parents, it doesn't matter because the kids will be racing solar cars Smile

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    Imagine RIT 2012 Empty Cardswipe access

    Post  JamesM on Fri Jan 27, 2012 10:05 am

    I just submitted the list of names to receive cardswipe access. There were a total of 23 people! If you did not reply to the earlier messages, you missed your chance, and you will not be able to get cardswipe access. We should have access by the end of the day.

    EDIT: Only Josh, Matt, and I were able to gain access, due to they CE department being stingy; however, it appears that some people were able to access the room anyways. For the future if you can't get in the room, call one of us.

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    Imagine RIT 2012 Empty Chamber Purchased!

    Post  JamesM on Sun Jan 29, 2012 2:33 pm

    Update: The chamber listed above was just purchased. We will have it for the meeting on Tuesday.

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